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Professional events concerning the activity of Remy Courdier

Dernière mise à jour le vendredi 30 avril 2021 à 11:17

Rémy Courdier

Full Professor in Computer Science


Last Events:

  • Apr 2021, Research transfert, Participation in the workshop "Atelier Mobilité et déplacements - Régie Réunion THD - Schéma directeur IoT bas débit", Tactis consulting agency, Regional Council of La Réunion, 30/04/2021.
  • Fev 2021, Research transfert, SYSCEA Incubation Project, "Bourse French Tech" & "Prêt d'Honneur Innovation d'Initiative Réunion"
  • Fev 2021, Academic animation, Video interview for the promotion of the SICS Speciality of the Master of Advanced Studies in Computer Science, JPO 2021 UR, 02/2021
  • JAN 2021, Academic responsability, Vice-Président of the "Commission d’examen de dossier de validation des études, des acquis professionnels et des équivalences" for a registration in the "MASTER Informatique", 02/2021
  • JAN 2021, Research animation, LIM laboratory seminar, Presentation of the PoVaBia research project financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), 28/01/21
  • Nov 2020, Academic network, Academic guest at the Comité Scientifique et Technique DPP Siam (Services et impact des activités agricoles en milieu tropical) 6 research units, about 60 actors involved, CIRAD Réunion, 19/11/2020
  • Nov 2020, Research activity, acceptance of participation at the scientific committee of JFSMA'2021, 18/11/2020
  • Nov 2020, Research activity, HDR jury membre of Fenintsoa Andriamasinoro, "Utilisation du paradigme "Agent-based Computational Economics" (ACE) pour l'appui à l'analyse multi-acteurs des filières ressources minérales et/ou de leur économie circulaire", University of Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yveline, 17/11/2020.
  • Oct 2020, Research network, Workshop "SmartCity", NxSE2020 Webinaire.
  • Sept 2020, Research network, Member of the ASSESS "A​gent-based ​S​imulation to study ​S​ocio-E​nvironmental ​S​ystem​S" research group founded by the INREA.
  • Sept 2020, Research supervision, Thesis jury, PhD in Computer Science of Tahina Ralitera, "Simulations Multi-Agent pour les Villes Intelligentes : une Architecture Multi-Environnement Temporelle, Spatiale et Organisationnelle. Apports pour l'Anticipation", Sorbonne University, 04/09/2020.
  • Sept 2020, Academic responsability, Director of professional training and internships of the Master in Computer Science (UR)
  • Jun 2020, Research collaboration, Partner of the BEECOME research project (Biowaste, Environment, ECOnomy and Metabolism) led by INRAE on the construction and evaluation of the transition trajectories towards a sustainable circular economy of the management of bio-waste from territories (call for projects ADEME, subject submitted June 12, 2020).
  • May 2020, Research network, Member of the FORWARD network in the thematic groups on "Information and Communication Technology" aimed at increasing the participation of French universities, research organizations and ultramarine companies in European research and innovation funding programs.
  • May 2020, Academic responsability, Vice-president of the selection committee on a professor employment (PR 4288) in IT at the university of La Réunion
  • May 2020, Academic responsability, Member of the ad hoc committee on the recruitment of a second degree personnel on employment N ° H1413 PRCE (4294) at the university of La Réunion.
  • Apr 2020, Research collaboration, validation of the joint thesis of Mr. Nathan Aky, doctoral student under my supervision, with the university of Sherbrooke as part of the France-Quebec cooperation program.
  • Apr 2020, Collective responsability, Member of the "Commission sectorielle d’expertise à l’avancement au grade de Professeur 1ère classe et au grade de Maître de Conférence de classe exeptionnelle" at the university of La Réunion.

  • Dec 2019, Research collaboration, invitation of Pr.Sylvain Giroux (Univ. of Sherbooke,CA) as senior academic visitor for a 15 days research stay.
  • Nov 2019, Research animation, Think Tank meeting on "Smart city & Island of Réunion Island", seminar on IoT and SmartCity.
  • Oct 2019, Research Talk, international conference PRIMA'2019, Torina, Italy
  • Sept 2019, New academic position, Permanent professor of the "Institut Indianoceanique du Numérique" (IIN), University of Reunion Island.
  • Aou 2019, Publication, "Ubiquitous computing and multi-agent systems : clarification of the lexicon" has been accepted to Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems PRIMA2019.
  • Jun 2019, Research animation, Think Tank meeting on "Smart city & Island of Réunion Island", seminar on SmartCity Project Exemple.
  • Jun 2019, Research animation, Think Tank meeting on "Smart city & Island of Réunion Island", seminar on Data and SmartCity.
  • Apr 2019, Research animation, Thesis jury, PhD in Computer Science of Irène Vélontrasina, "Modèle conceptuel uniforme pour l’adaptation des agents logiciels en environnement ambiant", 26/04/2019.
  • Apr 2019, New academic position, Director of Graduate Studies at Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs Réunion Océan Indien
  • Apr 2019, Academic network, Acceptance to join the "Association des Technologies de l’Information pour l’Education et la Formation", (ATIEF) http://www.atief.fr
  • Apr 2019, Research animation, Co-founders of a Think Tank on "Smart city & Island of Réunion Island"
  • Feb 2019, Research collaboration, Imperial College London, Acceptance to co-supervise the study and research project of two students of the MSc Sustainable Energy Futures (SEF)
  • Feb 2019, Research animation, Acceptance to join the program Committee of the 10th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence (ISAmI'19), https://www.isami-conference.net/
  • Jan 2019, Academic invitation, University of Mauritius (MU), Aatish CHINIAH, Faculty of Information, Communication & Digital Technologies, 31/01/2019 to 01/02/2019
  • Jan 2019, Research animation, Thesis jury president, PhD in Computer Science of Issoufaly Taher, "Physical Tracking : performances, menaces et applications", 28/01/2019.

  • Oct 2018, Research collaboration, Academic visitor, Imperial College London, 8-10 oct 2018
  • Oct 2018, Research animation, Chairman of the In-Session Workshop on "SIMULATION MULTI-AGENTS : COUPLAGE ET MULTI-NIVEAU", JFSMA'2018, Metabief, France, 10-13 oct 2018
  • Oct 2018, Research collaboration, University of Mauritius (MU), Skype meeting, 01/10/20218
  • Sep 2018, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Scientific support of the Syscea project, business incubator, Technopole de la Réunion, 28/09/2018.
  • Sep 2018, Research collaboration, CIRAD, meeting with Eric Jeuffrault head of CIRAD Reunion Mayotte (Indian Ocean), Objectif : to strengthen links between CIRAD and LIM, 26/09/2018
  • Sep 2018, Research collaboration, University of Wollongton (AU), skype meeting, 10/09/23018
  • Aou 2018, Research animation, Thesis jury president, PhD in Computer Science of M. Rehan Noordally, "Etude de la connectivité Internet de l’Île de La Réunion", 26/09/2018
  • Jul 2018, Publication, "SkuadCityModel : Une simulation de déplacements urbains construite sur la plateforme SKUAD" has been accepted to JFSMA for demonstration session.
  • Jul 2018, Publication, "Steps Towards a Balance Between Adequacy and Time Optimization in Agent-Based Simulations -- A Practical Application of the Temporality Model Time Scheduling Approach" has been accepted to SIMULTECH 2018
  • Jun 2018, Research animation, Journée recherche du LIM, talk, "Des systèmes multi-agents aux systèmes Adaptatifs", 7 juin 2018
  • Jun 2018, Publication, "The Temporality Model Time Scheduling Approach: a Practical Application has been accepted to MABS 2018
  • Jun 2018, Publication, "Steps Towards Scalable Agent-Based Simulation Model: Impact of the Time Scheduling Approach" has been accepted to ABMUS 2018
  • Apr 2018, New academic Position, Director of Master II in Computer Science (work/training scheme)

  • Nov 2017, Research supervision, Jury member as main reviewer for the thesis defence of Mme Myriam Grillot,
  • Nov 2017, Research animation, Acceptance to be PC member of the 9th International Conference on Ambient Intelligence (ISAMI'18) within PAAMS 2018, to be held on 20-22 June, in the city of Toledo(Spain).
  • Nov 2017, Research supervision, Favorable decision of the University Research Commission regarding the application for funding POSTDOC FEDER 2018/2019 for Christelle Hatik.
  • Oct 2017, Research animation, Acceptance to be external examiner (Rapporteur), these work of Myriam GRILLOT on "Landscape and livestock system dynamics, and reorganization of the nitrogen cycle at village level - Case of village terroirs in the Senegalese groundnut basin", Supervised by Jonathan Vayssières, CIRAD umr Selmet
  • Oct 2017, Research supervision, Award of L'Oréal-Unesco scholarships for women and science to Tahina Ralitera, PhD student under my supervision (See on Youtube)
  • Oct 2017: Link on SKUAD (Software Kit for Ubiquitous Agent Development) http://meca.onover.top/
  • Mar 2017, Research animation, Member of managing board of "collège « Systèmes Multi-Agents et Agents Autonomes » (SMAA) of the AFIA" http://smaa.lip6.fr
  • Feb 2017, Research animation, Member of the Programm Committee of the ABMUS2017 workshop on Agent-based modelling of urban systems to be held at the AAMAS2017
  • Jan 2017, Research animation, Thesis Jury President, PhD in Computer Science of M. Ferdinand Piette « Intergiciel Agent pour le Déploiement et la Configuration d’Applications Distribuées dans des Environnements Ambiants » PhD UPMC/LIP6, 17/01/2017

  • Oct 2016, Research collaboration, Member of the GABIR Research Programm "Lauréat de l'appel à projet CASDAR Innovation et Partenariat 2016"
  • Apr 2016, Research animation, Member of the editorial board of multi-agent systems journal: http://www.openscience.fr/Systemes-multi-agents