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Professional events concerning the activity of Remy Courdier

Dernière mise à jour le lundi 9 décembre 2019 à 10:15

Rémy Courdier

Full Professor in Computer Science


Last Events:

  • Dec 2019, Research collaboration, invitation of Pr.Sylvain Giroux (Univ. of Sherbooke,CA) as senior academic visitor for a 15 days research stay.
  • Nov 2019, Research animation, Think Tank meeting on "Smart city & Island of Réunion Island", seminar on IoT and SmartCity.
  • Oct 2019, Talk on interntional Conference, PRIMA'2019, Torina, Italy
  • Sept 2019, New academic Position, Permanent professor of the "Institut Indianoceanique du Nummérique" (IIN), University of Reunion Island.
  • Aou 2019, Publication, "Ubiquitous computing and multi-agent systems : clarification of the lexicon" has been accepted to Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems PRIMA2019.
  • Jun 2019, Research animation, Think Tank meeting on "Smart city & Island of Réunion Island", seminar on SmartCity Project Exemple.
  • Jun 2019, Research animation, Think Tank meeting on "Smart city & Island of Réunion Island", seminar on Data and SmartCity.
  • Apr 2019, Thesis jury, PhD in Computer Science of Irène Vélontrasina, "Modèle conceptuel uniforme pour l’adaptation des agents logiciels en environnement ambiant", 26/04/2019.
  • Apr 2019, New academic Position, Director of Graduate Studies at Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs Réunion Océan Indien
  • Apr 2019, Academic animation, Acceptance to join the "Association des Technologies de l’Information pour l’Education et la Formation", (ATIEF) http://www.atief.fr
  • Apr 2019, Research animation, Co-founders of a Think Tank on "Smart city & Island of Réunion Island"
  • Feb 2019, Research collaboration, Imperial College London, Acceptance to co-supervise the study and research project of two students of the MSc Sustainable Energy Futures (SEF)
  • Feb 2019, Research animation, Acceptance to join the program Committee of the 10th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence (ISAmI'19), https://www.isami-conference.net/
  • Jan 2019, Academic invitation, University of Mauritius (MU), Aatish CHINIAH, Faculty of Information, Communication & Digital Technologies, 31/01/2019 to 01/02/2019
  • Jan 2019, Thesis jury president, PhD in Computer Science of Issoufaly Taher, "Physical Tracking : performances, menaces et applications", 28/01/2019.

  • Oct 2018, Research collaboration, Academic visitor, Imperial College London, 8-10 oct 2018
  • Oct 2018, Research animation, Chairman of the In-Session Workshop on "SIMULATION MULTI-AGENTS : COUPLAGE ET MULTI-NIVEAU", JFSMA'2018, Metabief, France, 10-13 oct 2018
  • Oct 2018, Research collaboration, University of Mauritius (MU), Skype meeting, 01/10/20218
  • Sep 2018, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Scientific support of the Syscea project, business incubator, Technopole de la Réunion, 28/09/2018.
  • Sep 2018, Research collaboration, CIRAD, meeting with Eric Jeuffrault head of CIRAD Reunion Mayotte (Indian Ocean), Objectif : to strengthen links between CIRAD and LIM, 26/09/2018
  • Sep 2018, Research collaboration, University of Wollongton (AU), skype meeting, 10/09/23018
  • Aou 2018, Thesis jury president, PhD in Computer Science of M. Rehan Noordally, "Etude de la connectivité Internet de l’Île de La Réunion", 26/09/2018
  • Jul 2018, Publication, "SkuadCityModel : Une simulation de déplacements urbains construite sur la plateforme SKUAD" has been accepted to JFSMA for demonstration session.
  • Jul 2018, Publication, "Steps Towards a Balance Between Adequacy and Time Optimization in Agent-Based Simulations -- A Practical Application of the Temporality Model Time Scheduling Approach" has been accepted to SIMULTECH 2018
  • Jun 2018, Research animation, Journée recherche du LIM, talk, "Des systèmes multi-agents aux systèmes Adaptatifs", 7 juin 2018
  • Jun 2018, Publication, "The Temporality Model Time Scheduling Approach: a Practical Application has been accepted to MABS 2018
  • Jun 2018, Publication, "Steps Towards Scalable Agent-Based Simulation Model: Impact of the Time Scheduling Approach" has been accepted to ABMUS 2018
  • Apr 2018, New academic Position, Director of Master II in Computer Science (work/training scheme)

  • Nov 2017, Jury member as main reviewer for the thesis defence of Mme Myriam Grillot,
  • Nov 2017, Acceptance to be PC member of the 9th International Conference on Ambient Intelligence (ISAMI'18) within PAAMS 2018, to be held on 20-22 June, in the city of Toledo(Spain).
  • Nov 2017, Favorable decision of the University Research Commission regarding the application for funding POSTDOC FEDER 2018/2019 for Christelle Hatik.
  • Oct 2017, Acceptance to be external examiner (Rapporteur), these work of Myriam GRILLOT on "Landscape and livestock system dynamics, and reorganization of the nitrogen cycle at village level - Case of village terroirs in the Senegalese groundnut basin", Supervised by Jonathan Vayssières, CIRAD umr Selmet
  • Oct 2017, Award of L'Oréal-Unesco scholarships for women and science to Tahina Ralitera, PhD student under my supervision (See on Youtube)
  • Oct 2017: Link on SKUAD (Software Kit for Ubiquitous Agent Development) http://meca.onover.top/
  • Mar 2017, Member of managing board of "collège « Systèmes Multi-Agents et Agents Autonomes » (SMAA) of the AFIA" http://smaa.lip6.fr
  • Feb 2017, Member of the Programm Committee of the ABMUS2017 workshop on Agent-based modelling of urban systems to be held at the AAMAS2017
  • Jan 2017, Thesis Jury President, PhD in Computer Science of M. Ferdinand Piette « Intergiciel Agent pour le Déploiement et la Configuration d’Applications Distribuées dans des Environnements Ambiants » PhD UPMC/LIP6, 17/01/2017

  • Oct 2016, Member of the GABIR Research Programm "Lauréat de l'appel à projet CASDAR Innovation et Partenariat 2016"
  • Apr 2016, Member of the editorial board of multi-agent systems journal: http://www.openscience.fr/Systemes-multi-agents