Modeling Interface for NS-2


The process of designing a simulation model requires a very good knowledge of the OTcl interface of ns-2. The script writing process is very long and tedious. Given these difficulties with the use of ns-2, Laboratories of Computer Sciences and Mathematics (LIM) of the University of la Reunion has developed a project for a modeling interface which can be used to easily elaborate a simulation model for ns-2 without a good knowledge of Tcl. This interface aims to lead rapid modelling in the congestion area.

Tool Description

This interface is a tool to develop butterfly-like model and to compute some of commonly used metrics. Morever it can generate graph. It is developped in OTcl with inclusion of unix and awk commands. This interface runs on any ns version as it uses only generic format of ns traces. This interface can be used to:

The items provided with this tool include:

Before to use this tool, you must install the latest ns-2 version. See the installation instructions here.

This modelling interface is an open-source project. So the ns-2 community members are invited to use this tool and to contribute to make this tool better. Any remarks can be done at :


Current release: April, 8th, 2013
The Modeling Interface for ns-2 package is available here.



Teaching: Labs in computer science at university of La Réunion (in french)


Author: Pascal ANELLI
EA2525 - LIM