Research Prototypes

The following unmaintained codes were developed as side-effects of our research work, and are released as GNU/LGPL-ed prototypes.
NB: SP means compiled with SICStus Prolog 3.12.x, and SWI means compiled with SWI-Prolog.

  1. cTI: our tool for inferring left-termination for ISO-Prolog is available here via anonymous CVS. SP.
  2. BinTerm, a tool for checking termination of binary CLP(Q) programs. SWI/SP.
  3. QDecProc, a decision procedure for logical formulas over the structure < Q; {0,1} ; {+} ; {=,<} >. SWI.
  4. DNlog4Q, a tool for inferring non-termination of CLP(Q) programs. SWI.

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