ICLP'99 Workshop: Verification in Logic Programming: CFP

ICLP'99 Workshop: Verification in Logic Programming

Call for Contributions

URL: http://www.cs.ukc.ac.uk/people/staff/jgs5/workshop99/
For further information, contact Jan-Georg Smaus (jgs5@ukc.ac.uk) or
Sandro Etalle (etalle@cs.unimaas.nl)

This workshop aims at hosting a discussion centred on the verification
of logic and (concurrent) constraint logic programs. The goal of
program verification is to provide tools for proving that programs
meet their specifications, i.e. that the actual program behaviour
coincides with the desired one.  In particular, we are interested in
tools and methods for verification regarding issues such as:
- termination,
- absence of deadlock and failure,
- absence of runtime errors for programs with built-ins,
- groundness of answers,
- type correctness,
- model checking.

The proof methods we are interested in include but are not limited to:
modes, types, abstract interpretation, methods developed in other
programming paradigms like process algebras and Hoare logics. The
workshop will also include a discussion on techniques for the design
and the development of (constraint) logic programs.

Contributions are especially welcome that present practical tools
or discuss the relationships existing among the various

Call for Contributions
We invite papers (in English) of up to 15 pages describing original
completed work, work in progress, or interesting problems to be
Parallel submissions elsewhere are allowed. 

At least one author of each contribution is expected to present the
paper at the workshop.  A presentation can also take the form of a
demonstration of an implemented system.

The proceedings will be published as a technical report of 
New Mexico State University (http://www.cs.nmsu.edu/).

Submissions must include a cover page containing: an abstract,
keywords, postal and electronic mailing addresses, and phone
and fax numbers of one of the authors.
Please email your contribution as a Postscript file to jgs5@ukc.ac.uk
 or etalle@cs.unimaas.nl or, if electronic submission is impossible,
 send two hard copies of your paper to Jan-Georg Smaus.

Important Dates
2nd August     Deadline for paper submission 
13th September Notification of acceptance 
25th October   Deadline for camera-ready versions 

Principal Organisers
Jan-Georg Smaus (University of Kent) 
Sandro Etalle (Universiteit Maastricht)

Organising and Programme Committee
Patricia Hill (University of Leeds)
Naomi Lindenstrauss (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Frederic Mesnard (Universite de la Reunion)
Femke van Raamsdonk (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Salvatore Ruggieri (Universita di Pisa)